Adult courses




We offer regular courses and intensive courses.

Regular courses: 36 hours over 12 weeks, with one weekly 3 hours lesson.
Intensive courses: 60 hours over 12 weeks, with two weekly 2,5 hours lessons.

ATTENTION: All our beginners courses are valid in order to prepare for the B1 exam, compulsory for those who are applying for the Italian citizenship by marriage ( law n.132 of 01/12/2018).
To be entitled to do the B1 exam, you have to study the contents of level A1, A2 and B1.

You can attend the course even if you are not applying for the Italian citizenship.

If you already speak Italian, you will be required to have an assessment.
Please contact us at to get the schedule for advanced courses and book an assessment.

Courses start on 2020/01/27. Please note that we don’t accept enrolments after the second lesson. Next term will start on 2020/05/04.

The levels: The Common European Framework for Languages, a document released and updated by the Council of Europe, has identified six levels of language learning. These levels describe what a person should be able to do at different stages of learning. We are not talking about grammar knowledge, but the ability to communicate with a language. What can you do in Italian? At which level? Levels go from “basic user” to “independent user” to “proficient user”.

How do you know your level? Read the general descriptions here.

Still not sure what level you are? Ask for an assessment.