Published: 06-Jul-2022

Serpent Crescent – a Review by Jean Urry

I have just read Vivian de Klerk’s latest novel, Serpent Crescent … what a wonderful and interesting book … a little difficult to get into, but then, to coin a phrase, “unputable downable”. It appeals to me because it is full of classical references and also delves into Dante Alighieri’s brilliant Divina Commedia, one of my great passions. 

I see Serpent Crescent as a crime novel with a difference, but also very much a social commentary of our times … the author touches on child abuse, abuse of women, personal relationships, the problems of growing old, illness, existence after a debilitating stroke or heart attack, the difficulties of institutionalised living, life in small Eastern Cape towns, corruption and maladministration and, last but not least, friendship. 

The story has a very South African flavour to it and Vivian’s use of the English language is superb … I recommend Serpent Crescent … Well done Viv!!

This novel is written in English

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